Born August 1977, Melbourne Australia.

Lives and works in Abbotsford, Melbourne.

Allister Paterson's work is multi-disciplinary though largely ranging from drawing and abstract expressionist painting or action painting. His practice at present centres on mostly landscape compositions, that are seen as a time-lapse, appearing alive and exposing recognisable imagery and wild life patterns that seem to constantly move within large colour filled landscapes.

The self taught, sometimes gestural visual language that Allister Paterson is set on developing to describe his process, of which he comes to terms with the act of his creation, results in works that deliver ritual action with distinct psychic links to generic memory.


My Natures Lapse.

My nature is constant change, undefined, layers of recognisable and the unrecognisable.

‘The nature of my lapse is to shift into brief or temporary disconnection of concentration and or judgement, to exist in the motion of action painting, a gestural visual language and draw on generic memory to be represented at an interval or passage of time.’

Allister Paterson’s works will provide a visual exploration, marrying the nature of one’s self within the nature of landscapes captured.

Allister moves instinctively with a frequency at which layers captured are more spread out, swift and appear moving when compared to the frequency and sequence typically used to capture a more refined explanation of what is being seen in the Australian landscape.

Allister gives further insight to this method of creativity with a reference to his child like enjoyment of watching a landscape pass by at speed, and the ability to recognise this in image blur whilst being able to combined or transition out, to recognisable forms .

‘When viewed I want to see my landscapes as they appear whilst incorporating change, movement and thus lapsing state’.

“ I’m happiest taking this depiction beyond a moving vehicle and have works exist in a lapse at a single reference point, and working with bridging the lapse of season, light and a landscapes movement’.

Allister Paterson provides a unique insight into ones connection with the nature of landscape painting. Without doubt on the way to being recognised as an important addition to the countries notable landscape painters.

Marfa Gallery

My Natures Lapse will open on the 16th of August from 6:30pm.

Saturday and Sunday 12pm-4pm

Monday through to Wednesday 10am-1pm or by appointment.

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